28 Juni 2006

WEB : 4.5 Million Blogspot Users are Lazy

Pernah baca artikel milik Amit Agarwal yang ditulis selasa, 27 Juni kmarin mengenai :
Millions of Bloggers on are either too lazy or don't understand the basic HTML tags.

Berikut cuplikan artikelnya (masih dalam bahasa inggris sesuai artikel sumber):

When you create a new blog on, Google provides a default blogspot template that has three links in the side bar - one link points to Google News while the other two links (Edit-Me) are just placeholders for the blogger to insert his own hyperlinks (see screenshot)

But bloggers are too busy creating content and don't bother changing these "under construction" areas. There are 4.5 million pages hosted on that still have the Google News and Edit Me links [ "Google News" "Edit-Me"]

If your blog also falls in this category, my suggestion would be that you first read the W3 Schools tutorial on HTML and CSS. Once you have a certain comfort level with your blogger template code, throw the default blogspot template in the recycle bin and switch to a more professional design.

Ternyata banyak juga temen kita di luar sana yang membiarkan edit-me masih dalam format aslinya.Kalau pertanyaan saya malah : terlalu menghormati blogger hingga sungkan untuk diganti atau memang tak punya tautan untuk diganti ???